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Curriculum Vitae

Nathan Maxwell Cann





To produce projects of exceptional quality that cross boundaries and add splendor to the human experience.


Ithaca College.  August  2008

Bachelor of Science. Cinema and Photography

Bachelor of Arts. Philosophy and Religion

FAMU – Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.  July 2007

Recent Projects / Employment.

Snake Oil Salesman.  Penumbra Inc: Paraphernalia & Novelties.  December 2013 – Present

Spirit Handler.  SRO.  November 2015- Present

Bartender. Absinthe Brasserie & Bar. January 2015 – December 2015

Brand Ambassador. The Real McCoy Rum.  April 2015 – February 2016

Head Bartender. Verbena Restaurant.  February 2014 – January 2015

Actor / Head Bartender. TheSpeakeasySF.  February 2014 – December 2015

Spirit Handler / Bartender. Loa.  February 2013 – January 2014

Art Handler, Assistant. Antieau Gallery.  2013

Image Optimization Specialist, HD Video Editor. Tom Powel Imaging.  2011 – 2013

Cinematographer, Editor.  Kreëmart, LINDA YABLONSKY and TOILET PAPER LOUNGE, hosted by MAURIZIO CATTELAN.  2012

Instructor of Experimental Cinema.  3rd Ward.  2011 – 2013

Teacher.  Photoshop, Eco-Arts, Collage, Magic ObjectsNEST+m.  2010 – 2012

Art Handler, Sales Assistant, Artist Wrangler.  Invisible-Exports.  2010 – Present

Chocolate Artisan.  Raaka Chocolate Company 2010 – Present

Assistant Editor, Sound Design.  The Hole. 2011

Assistant Camera. Heartpocalypse. 2011

Assistant Editor.  Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye.  2010

Untitled Performance with Typewriters.  YANS & RETO.  2010

Assistant Camera.  Like Trains and Taxis – “Charlie.” Cage Free Productions.  2010

Production Assistant.  Read Entertainment. 2009

Cinematographer, Editor, Web Maintenance.  DameDarcy.com.  2009

Web Presence/Maintenance.  Cinema Project. 2009

Ice Cream Bicycle Vendor.  Portland Flying Ice Cream. 2009

Shepherd, Carpenter.  Black Mesa Navajo Reservation. 2008

Producer, Writer, Director, Editor.  Feeding Time. 2008

Actor.  ColinNo-one Sees the Video by Martin Crimp.  Hoerner Theatre.  2008

Director of Photography.  Embodiment. 2008

Still Photography.  Loverboy (RIFF winner). 2008

Grip.  Thousand Honeymoons.  Last Pictures.  2008

Actor.  ChebutykinThree Sisters by Anton Chekhov.  Hoerner Theatre.  2008

Producer, Director, Director of Photography.   Realized Destiny.  2008  http://www.eightfilms.com/

Producer. Correspondent.  Current TV.

Anarchy DNC/RNC.  2008

Lockbox: An Anarchist Tale.  2008

Projectionist.  Ithaca College. Park School of Communications.  2006-8


Host.  Igor’s Egg Halloween Extravaganza.  2007-8

Director, Programmer, Host.  VISCERAL EXPERIENCE. 2006-7

Host, Performer, Film Fest Coordinator.  MUSEFEST.   2006

Awards and Honors.

Official Selection.  BACCHUS Video Festival.  2011

Official Selection. Gowanus Art & Architecture. “Love in a Teacup.”  2011

Official Selection.  SLIDERS: Moving Showcave Video Festival.  “W∑∑K∑ND @ B∑RNI∑’S TØØ” 2011

Official Selection.  PPLAZA MIAMI.  “RUN//RABBIT//RUN.”  2010

Official Selection.  GOAT HELPER VIDEO FESTIVAL.  “RUN//RABBIT//RUN.”  2010

Official Selection.  Permanent Vacation,  Showcave Gallery. “W∑∑K∑ND @ B∑RNI∑’S TØØ”  2010

Official Selection.  Maryland Film Festival. “Feeding Time.”  2008

Official Selection.  Denver Underground Film Festival. “Feeding Time.”  2008

Official Selection.  PreVues.  “Feeding Time.”   2008

Official Selection.  Future Heat Video Party,  Showcave Gallery. “Future Birth.”  2008

James B. Pendleton Award. 2008

James B. Pendleton Scholarship Towards Completion of a Film.  2008

Dean’s List.  2007-8

Professional Skills.

Bartending.  Completion of BarSmarts Wired 2013.  Extensive Knowledge of Spirits, Beer, Wine, & Historical Craft Cocktails.  Confident and Helpful Costumer Service Experience.  Understanding of a variety of Micro-Systems.  Comfortable in Low-Key or High-Volume Environments.

Computer. Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro HD Studio, Avid, After Effects, Flash, Motion, Encore, Audition, Softimage XSI, Adobe Dreamweaver, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Final Draft, Internet Explorer, Paint

Technical Competency with 35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm, and High Definition Filmmaking and Editing:
Proficiency with Bolex H16 Reflex 5, Arriflex-S, Aaton LTR, Arriflex 35BL 4-S, Arriflex 35-3, Arriflex 35-2C
Proficiency with Aaton XTR Prod 16mm Camera (Super 16mm)
Proficiency with Tascam HD and DAT Audio Recording Devices
Proficiency with Flatbed Machines and Hand Editing Techniques
Proficiency with JK Optical Printer
Proficiency with High Definition Canon, Sony, and Panasonic Products

Nathan Maxwell Cann.  Film and Video Production C.V.  2014.

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