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Poster for Screening at the Cinema Project, Portland, OR

13:30.  16mm.  B&W Reversal.  Crossed-Processed.  Developed at Color Lab.


Man                                                      Ruby Max Fury

Woman                                               Judith Pratt


Director:                                             Nathan Maxwell Cann

Director of Photography:                Nathan Maxwell Cann

Screenplay:                                        Nathan Maxwell Cann

Art Design:                                         Nathan Maxwell Cann

Assistant Camera:                           Santiago Vernetti

Sound Recordist:                             Samuel Henschen

Assistant Costume:                         Hannah Cann

Assistant Art Design:                     Hy Huynh

Assistant Lighting:                          Zia Anger

Production Assistants:                  Ashley Connor

Joshua Corey

Vanessa Wood


A dark and terrifying vision of human nature.  A man and a woman succumb to hunger, hatred, and madness.  Both the characters are old, both miserable.  They function as the dark, terrible shadows of what constitutes a human being.  The absurdity of their situation is unsettling in that it is not absurd at all.  We may all inhabit the Hell in which they live; and we may all contain the Hellish demons, which inhabit them. The characters eat up the scenery.  That is to say, the world in which they live is as human as they themselves are human.  All is image, and operate merely as ghosts in the underworld. The black and white film fuses their roles as images: shadows and light.


A Very Special Screening.  Cinema Project.  2009.

Official Selection.  Maryland Film Festival. 2009.

Official Selection.  PreVues.  2009.

Official Selection.  Denver Underground Film Festival. 2008.

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